Pacific Islanders Rugby Union Team

The Pacific Islanders rugby union team (usually known as just Pacific Islanders) is an international rugby union team, started in 2004, that represents Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. While Niue and the Cook Islands are not members of the Pacific Tri-Nations competition, they did supply players to the squad for the Pacific Islanders' tour in 2004 (but not in 2006). The team does not play at Rugby World Cups, where each of the nations represents itself but the Pacific Islanders rugby union team tours every two years.

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Pacific Islanders Rugby Union Team - Results - 2008
8 November 2008 England 39 – 13 Pacific Islanders Twickenham, London Attendance 55,427 Referee Matt Goddard TriesSackey (2), Cipriani, Kennedy ...

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