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Other Narration

Another folk hero of Rajasthan, Devnarayan, a Gurjar warrior, was a historical figure of ninth century (born on 911AD).He is worshiped as incarnation of Lord Vishnu. His legendary epic, written much much earlier to that of the Epic of Pabhuji, is also popular and painted on Phads. They are popular among the Gurjar community as their special deity. The Devnarayan Phads are painted on a bigger canvas of 35 feet x 5 feet and are sung in the same manner as the Pabhuji epic. This epic is also sung by the Bhopas. In this case, even the furling of the Phad is signalled by the blowing of conches. Both men and women attend the performances. However, the women of the community identify Devnarayan in the form of Lord Krishna and sing songs, outside of the ritual, on the episodes related to baby Krishna. Devnarayan temples in Rajasthan depict the paintings of Phads of Devanarayan.

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