Oxygen XML Editor - XML Editing Features - Text View

Text View

The text view is the default view for editing an XML document. As the name suggests, this view shows the XML text as text.

For documents that are associated with an XML schema, Oxygen XML offers tag completion. Oxygen XML can use a number of XML schema languages, including DTD, W3C XML Schema, RELAX NG (both compact and full). Both W3C XML Schema and RELAX NG schemas can include embedded Schematron rules. It also can use the NRL and NVDL routing languages, which allow multiple schemas of different types to be applied to different files.

In addition to tag completion, annotations in the schema will be displayed as tooltips for the elements that those annotations apply to.

For schema formats that do not have a standard mechanism to bind the schema to the XML file, Oxygen XML provides a processing instruction that instructs the program as to which schemas to use.

For documents that do not have a schema, Oxygen can analyze the structure of the document and generate a schema.

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