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Author View

New to Oxygen XML v9.x was an author view providing a WYSIWYM view of the XML document. This view is based on providing a CSS file for the document that specifies the data type for each element in the document's schema. Oxygen XML comes with document CSS files for formats like DITA, DocBook, and TEI.

XML tags and attributes in this view can be completely disabled or can be shown in various combinations.

Editing in this view is an intermediate step between true WYSIWYG and editing in the regular text view in terms of complexity for the author. The XML elements are made more human-readable and intuitive, but the nesting and semantics of the XML document are still clear. The cursor can be placed between any elements, and when the cursor's position is ambiguous, a tool-tip window will appear showing a local view of the XML tree and the cursor's position in it. A bar along the top of the view shows the list of elements from the document root to the element under the cursor.

XML elements are never implicitly inserted into the document. However, a common action in editing document-like XML files is to create a new element of the same name following the current one. The author view will perform this operation if the user presses the enter key twice (pressing it once brings up a dialog of possible elements to add, if tag competition is available).

Inserting elements can be done through oXygen's XML refactoring commands to insert an element at the current cursor location. Even if XML tags are set to be non-visible, an indication for an empty element is always displayed using that element's name.

Attributes on XML elements cannot directly be edited. However, Oxygen XML does have an attribute panel that, when content completion information is available, can be used to both see and set the value of attributes on the current element.

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