Oxygen XML Editor - Editing of Specialized XML Formats

Editing of Specialized XML Formats

Though Oxygen XML can edit any XML document, providing content completion for documents with a schema binding, it is able to recognize certain XML documents innately.

Oxygen XML provides schema editing features for both W3C XML Schema and RELAX NG's XML form. It offers visual editing support for both, as well as schema-less syntax highlighting and content completion.

Oxygen XML offers support for XSLT documents, both version 1.0 (with EXSLT extensions) and 2.0. XSLT elements are recognized and drawn in a different color from non-XSLT XML elements. It also provides special validation services for XSLT documents. For example, it can validate that an attribute containing an XPath string is a valid XPath. oXygen XML automatically assumes that documents with the .xsl and .xslt extensions are XSLT files, and it treats them accordingly.

It also offers support for editing XSL-FO documents, though it does not provide visual editing features for it.

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