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Subjected - History - Modern History - Americas
... Further information Atlantic slave trade, Encomienda, Mita (Inca), Slavery in Brazil, and Slavery in the United States Slavery in the Americas had a contentious history, and ... The Aztecs had slaves ... of Brazil, the Creek of Georgia, and the Comanche of Texas, also owned slaves ...
History Of Slavery In Pennsylvania - British Colony - Conditions
... In the first years of the colony, masters used slaves to clear land and build housing ... Once the colony was established, the slaves took on a wider variety of jobs ... In Philadelphia, where the majority of slaves lived, many were household servants, while others were trained in different trades and as artisans ...
History Of Slavery In The United States - Distribution - Distribution of Slaveholders
... As of the 1860 Census, one may compute the following statistics on slaveholding Enumerating slave schedules by county, 393,975 named persons held 3,950,546 unnamed slaves, for an average of ... As some large holders held slaves in multiple counties and are thus multiply counted, this slightly overestimates the number of slaveholders ... Excluding slaves, the 1860 U.S ...

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    I do not wish, it happens, to be associated with Massachusetts, either in holding slaves or in conquering Mexico. I am a little better than herself in these respects.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The only free road, the Underground Railroad, is owned and managed by the Vigilant Committee. They have tunneled under the whole breadth of the land.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)