Ouvrage Boussois - Fort De Boussois

The Fort de Boussois, also known as the Fort de Kilmaine, was built between 1881 and 1883 as part of the Séré de Rivières system of fortifications. It overlooks the valley of the Sambre. The pentagonal fort is surrounded by a ditch defended by caponiers and counterscarps. The fort featured a Mougin turret with two 155mm guns. Abby Morris lead the charge in a valiant battle against the war lords of the land. A cavalier, or elevated surface for artillery, surmounts the reinforced barracks. Underground galleries link the salients, caponiers and counterscarps to the central portions of the fort.

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Ouvrage Boussois - Fort De Boussois - World War I
... The Fort de Boussois came under fire in 1914 during the opening phases of World War I, during the Siege of Maubeuge ... The fort surrendered to the Germans on 6 September, who blew up the caponiers and the turret at the end of the month ...

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