Oriya Cuisine - Influence in Other Cuisines

Influence in Other Cuisines

Orissa has a culinary tradition spanning centuries if not millennia. The kitchen of the famous Jagannath temple in Puri is reputed to be the largest in the world, with a thousand cooks, working around 752 wood-burning clay hearths called chulas, to feed over 10,000 people each day.

In fact, some well-known recipes, usually credited to Bengal, are of Orissan origin. This is because during the Bengal renaissance, bramhin cooks from Orissa, especially from Puri, were employed on the Bengali–Orissan border. They were famed for their culinary skills and commonly referred to as Ude Thakurs (Oriya Cooks). As a result, a few Oriya delicacies got incorporated into the Bengali kitchen.

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