Orhan Veli Kanık

Orhan Veli Kanık or Orhan Veli (13 April 1914, Beykoz, İstanbul – 14 November 1950, İstanbul) was a Turkish poet. Kanık who is the founder of Garip Movement together with Oktay Rıfat and Melih Cevdet has moved to the poetic language, utterance of man-in-the street by purposing rootedly to change the old structure in Turkish poetry. The poet made fit many works in the story, the essay, the article and the translation field, as well as his poetries into his 36 yearly life.

Orhan Veli who kept away from the old one everything to be able to uncover a new pleasure refused to use syllable and aruz meters. He stated that he unnecessary finds the litary arts such as metaphor, simile, exaggeration; primitive the rhyme. Kanık's this desire whom set out so as "to take all tradition, every what bygone literatures taught" although decreases technical possibilities in his poetry; the poet has created new fields himself with topics which he has taken in hand, persons who he has mentioned and words which he has used. He has approached to the spoken language poetic language by adopting a simple expression. His poetries was published, which are examples of this ideas in the poetry book the named Garip whom they released together with his friends, in 1941, and it has caused to the emergence of the Garip movement. This movement has large striken on Republic period poem between the years 1940–1950 especially. The Garip poem is accepted a touchstone in Turkish poetry both with destructive and constructive its feature.

Kanık was largely odd previously through these innovatives whom he has brought to the poetry, he received very harsh criticisms, and was despised. Orhan Veli' works which digress of traditions although was responded to with fun and insult later, wonder and being out of it before, always aroused interest. This interest however, caused to increase of understanding, affection and admiration whom have felt for the poet soonest. Sait Faik Abasıyanık also has characterized as "a poet atteined to both fair name and notoriety in time; the again be amitted, the denied again, the won regocnition from time to time, the made fun of he from time to time, the most emphatical" him by calling attention to this aspect of Orhan Veli.

Although he stands out with his poetries which he has written in period of Garip, Orhan Veli had abstained to write "the single species" poetries. Kanık's literature life whom had lived the adventure of a long poem during his short life, had been renewing himself, had been searching without cease has been consisting of different stages. Oktay Rıfat has explained with his says "Orhan lived in his very short lifetime a poetry adventure for a few generations of French poets. Turkish poetry became a horsehead with Europe poetry through his pen.", and "A changing which a few generations may achieve back to back maybe he completed in a few years." this situation.

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