Organisations of The Singapore Government - Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) - Departments/Divisions


  • Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies
  • Defence Management Group
    • Applied Behavioural Sciences Department
    • Defence Finance Organization
    • D'eXecutive Services
    • Legal Services
    • Manpower Division
    • MINDEF Scholarship Centre
    • SAF Counselling Centre
  • Defence Policy Group
    • Defence Policy Office
    • Information Department
    • Military Security Department (MSD)
    • MINDEF Public Affairs (PAFF)
    • NEXUS (Central National Education Office)
    • Public Communications Dept
  • Defence Technology and Resources Office
    • Civil Resources Authority
    • Special Project Office
  • MINDEF Chief Information Officer Office
  • MINDEF Tele-Services
  • MINDEF/SAF Manpower Centres
    • Central Manpower Base (CMPB)
    • Manpower Operations and National Servicemen Branch
    • MINDEF Human Resource Department
    • National Service Affairs Department
    • Naval National Servicemen Branch
    • SAF Careers Centre
  • SAF Formations
    • Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)
    • Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)
    • Physical Training and Sports Centre
    • Singapore Armed Forces Military Police Command
    • SAFSA
    • Singapore Army
  • Singapore Armed Forces
    • Foreign Military Liaison Branch
    • Headquarters Medical Corps
    • Joint Intelligence Directorate
    • Joint Logistic Department
    • Joint Manpower Department
    • Joint Operations and Planning Directorate
    • Republic of Singapore Air Force Headquarters
    • Republic of Singapore Navy Headquarters
    • SAFTI Military Institute Headquarters
    • Singapore Army Headquarters
  • Training Schools
    • Basic Military Training Centre School 1 (BMTC)
    • Basic Military Training Centre School 2 (BMTC)
    • Officer Cadet School (OCS)
    • School of Infantry Specialists (SISPEC)

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