Orbotech - Corporate History - Growth By Diversification and Acquisitions

Growth By Diversification and Acquisitions

In 1995, Orbotech adapted its technology to provide automatic check processing solutions for financial institutions, launching a new subsidiary Orbograph Ltd.

In 1996, Orbotech established a joint venture with Germany's Jenoptik AG, to develop a laser-based direct imaging system for the production of PCB prototypes. The partnership came under full ownership of Orbotech in 2000.

In 1997, Orbotech acquired the AOI business of Germany's W. Schuh GmbH, a company that specialized in the production of assembled printed circuit board inspection equipment.

In 1998, Orbotech boosted its presence in Japan by acquiring Toyo Ink Manufacturing's PCB sales and marketing operations, as well as Toyo's computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) product line, which was developed by its Israeli subsidiary EIT.

In 1998, Orbotech entered into an agreement with Valor Computerized Systems Ltd. (which is now part of Mentor Graphics), to form Frontline PCB Solutions, a joint venture that develops CAM software for PCB fabrication. Frontline PCB Solutions is owned equally by Orbotech and Mentor Graphics.

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