Optimus Prime - Unicron Trilogy - Toys


  • Armada Leader Optimus Prime with Sparkplug (2002)
Came with the Mini-Con Sparkplug. Could combine with Armada Jetfire (and its repaints) and/or Armada Overload (and its repaints). The trailer could convert into a base for Mini-Cons. In Japan a gold chrome edition of this toy was released as a Lucky Draw special. With its trailer the vehicle mode of this toy bears a great resemblance to G1 Star Convoy. According to the Armada video game Armada Optimus Prime is supposed to be 22 feet 10 inches tall (696 cm tall) and the toy is 17.5 cm tall. So that's a scale of 1:40.
  • Armada McDonalds Optimus Prime (2002)
Premium that came in McDonald's Happy Meals. This toy can combine with the other McDonald's Autobot toys to form a gestalt robot.
  • Armada Deluxe Supercon Optimus Prime with Over-Run (2002)
Deluxe-sized toy came with the Mini-Con Over-Run. Mini-Con could be used to activate a punching action gimmick. Several variants of this figure exist. One difference is some had yellow painted headlights, while other had silver.
Repainted as Armada Scourge, Universe Ultra Magnus and later as a Cybertron Deluxe Optimus Prime.
An imitation of this figure was released in 2007 called Transformax Superon Autobot Optimus Prime. It is nearly identical to the real figures, and even came with an imitation Over-Run, but lacks paint on the truck grill and the lower arms are one solid piece, and cannot fold up when he transforms.
  • Armada Leader Powerlinx Optimus Prime with Sparkplug (2003)
Came with the Mini-Con Corona Sparkplug. Could combine with Armada Jetfire/Armada Powerlinx Jetfire and/or Armada Overload/Energon Ultra Magnus.
  • Armada Built To Rule Optimus Prime with Sparkplug (2003)
Came with the Mini-Con Sparkplug.
  • Armada K-Mart Optimus Prime with Sparkplug (2003)
Came with the Mini-Con Sparkplug.
  • Armada Flashlight Keychain Optimus Prime
Non-transforming collectable keychain flashlight of Armada Optimus Prime in robot mode.
  • Armada Spinpop Optimus Prime
Press his groin plate and his sucker spins.
  • Energon Leader Class Optimus Prime (2004)
Super class vehicle, with trailer and 4 drones who combine with Optimus prime for his super mode. Could later combine with Energon Omega Supreme, Omega Sentinel, and Energon Wing Saber (in two different modes). This toy represents Optimus Prime as he appeared in the Energon animated series and in the Dreamwave Energon comics after his upgrade.
Energon Optimus Prime stands 765 centimeters or 25 feet tall in super robot mode. With the toy standing 25 centimeters tall, he would be 1/31 scale.
  • Energon Deluxe Optimus Prime (2004)
A Deluxe sized version of Energon Optimus Prime. Looks like a smaller version of the Leader class toy, without any trailer or drones. Can Powerlinx with other Energon Autobot toys. This toy was a Toys-R-Us store exclusive in the U.S. and was packaged together with a downsized Energon Megatron. In Japan this toy was packaged together with Kicker and a Star Saber accessory.
  • Energon Transforming Pen Optimus Prime (2004)
Basic sized toy which transforms from robot to truck and has a built in pen.
  • Energon Built To Rule Optimus Prime
The second Built to Rule Optimus Prime, comes with a trailer. Only sold in Cincinnati for a short period of time to test the market.
  • Energon Mcdonald's Optimus Prime
Packaged in with Happy Meals, only available in Europe. Came with an energon cube with sound effects. The cube was placed inside the figure and the sounds were activated remotely by a small red airplane.
  • Cybertron Leader Optimus Prime (2005)
Leader class figure, this is his form used in the Cybertron television series. Can combine with Leobreaker (or Nemesis Breaker) and/or Cybertron Wing Saber, and can use Metroplex's axe or Vector Prime's sword. At first, Optimus Prime's (Galaxy Convoy in the Japanese version) alt-mode is a futuristic firetruck, although some believe it to be some sort of mobile weapons platform (the show itself treats it as a firetruck). This can also transform into a wing mode, with wings and cannons on each side of the truck. In addition to his standard robot mode, he can combine with his rear 'trailer' section to form a heavily armed super mode. That trailer section can also form an independent weapons platform, usable by anyone. His face, designed in the classic Prime style, merges the two mouth-plate elements - a slitted version to expose his mouth, like Beast Wars Optimus Primal did on the television series and a full mouth-plate which can rise to cover it.
Like most toys sold in the Galaxy Force toy line by Takara, then later in the Cybertron toy line by Hasbro, there are small paint differences between the two versions of the toy. The Hasbro version has a code number on the back of his Cyber Key, while the Takara version has no number on his Force Chip.
There is some difference of opinion on how the super mode of Leader Class Optimus Prime is supposed to assembled. Takara toys and the television series portrayed with the wings up and his two large guns underslung, however Hasbro later sold the toy with pictures and instructions having the wings down and the guns over the shoulders. Commercials and repainted models by Hasbro went back to the way Takara assembled the super mode. In 2006 a Costco exclusive of Optimus Prime packaged with Wingsaber and a DVD (with Armada Supercon Optimus Prime printed on it!) of the episode United was sold, again with the wings-under gun-over super mode. In Japan a gold chrome edition of this toy was released as a Lucky Draw special.
Early concept sketehes of this Optimus Prime showed that they intended to allow Optimus's Super Mode extras to combine with other Transformers to boost their power, but this idea seemed to be abandoned.
  • Cybertron Burger King Optimus Prime
A kids meal toy giveaway about the size of a Scout class toy, but very simple. Transforms from truck to robot. Transformation of this toy is similar to the original Generation 1 Optimus Prime toy.
  • Cybertron Legends Optimus Prime
There is also a smaller "Legends of Cybertron" Micro sized version of this Optimus Prime, without a trailer, and a Burger King Kid's Meal toy, again without a trailer. There is also a rotating sucker holder version of Cybertron Optimus Prime. Later releases of the Leader class and Micro class Optimus Prime were repainted in darker colors, supposedly representing Optimus Prime after the television story. This toy is called Galaxy Force Optimus Prime. A special metallic painted version of this toy was included with Megalo COnvoy in Japan.
In 2007 a Target store exclusive value pack of four Voyager class Cybertron toy was released. It included Jetfire, Megatron, Optimus Prime and Soundwave. All identical to their original releases.
This toy was repainted as Classis Legends Menasor in 2007.
  • T.H.S.-01 Galaxy Convoy
A Japanese exclusive, the first hybrid style figure. Four inches tall, part die-cast metal, part plastic, it had a very wide range of possibility with interchangeable hands for different poses. Heads could be changed depending on if the figure was in normal or super mode.
  • Cybertron Leader Galaxy Force Optimus Prime (2006)
Darker repaint of Cybertron Leader Class Optimus Prime with 4 planet unity symbols on the shoulders. Some bonus packs of Galaxy Force Optimus Prime came with the Autobot Brakedown as a bonus item. Also this version comes with the Matrix of Leadership in side Optimus.
  • Cybertron Deluxe Optimus Prime (2006)
A repaint of the Armada Supercon Optimus Prime, minus the Mini-Con, but instead had a Cyber Key with a Mini-Con port in it. Repainted to match Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime. This is supposed to be a drone which Optimus Prime controls to get into small places, built for him by Metroplex. Several paint variations of this toy exist, and early releases have the forearms swapped, just as had occurred with the last repaints of the mold.
  • Cybertron Deluxe Jungle Planet Optimus Prime (2006)
There is also the release of Optimus Prime as a deluxe sized brown gorilla which is a repaint of the Beast Wars 10th anniversary Optimus Primal toy most likely trying to tie Optimus Prime in some way to the jungle planet Animatros in the Cybertron series. According to his bio, Optimus Prime was temporarily mutated into this form by the Animatros Cyber Planet Key. The colors of this toy are a homage to Transformers: Universe Optimus Primal.
  • Attacktix Optimus Prime (2006)
Series 1 of the Transformers Attacktix figures included Cybertron Optimus Prime figures in both vehicle and super robot modes. Series 2 included a flame orange repaint of the super robot mode.

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