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Beast Wars Season Three

With time itself in the balance, Primal sought to forestall Prime's death by taking his spark into his body while his shell was repaired. With the power of Prime's spark now inhabiting his frame, Primal's body was changed once more, mutated into a new "Optimal" form, half Maximal – half Autobot, with which he fought back the Predacons and saved Prime's life. During that time Primal speaks with a voice more reminiscent of the original Prime, and even quotes Optimus Prime by telling Megatron, "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings," and using one of Optimus Prime's most famous commands, "Transform and Roll Out!" He then returned prime's spark to his rightful body when the predacons' attack on the ark began to ease and his head was restored by Rhinox and Blackarachnia with the help of the ship's Repairatron unit. The time storm was on the verge of altering when she and Silverbolt intervened by fitting prime with a spark support device to keep him from dying too soon,Blackarachnia in hopes that this would stop the worst of Megatron's dark deed from rampaging with both time and reality. The Maximals' own ship however, the Axalon, fell into the water by Rampage. The reason for this was that Megatron intended on stopping them from ever returning to Cybertron. Setting up base around the Ark to protect it from further Predacon attacks, the Maximals were soon joined by Depth Charge, an old acquaintance of Primal's, who harbored some degree of hostility for him for his role in the preservation of Protoform X's life. This degree was to destroy Protoform X, who, along with Depth Charge, was exposed to the remains of the quantum surge thus becoming the transmetal Predacon Rampage.

Even in his new body, Primal was subject to even more bodily invasions. After being infected with delirium-inducing cyber-venom from Tarantulas while battling Megatron's new cloned Cyber-Raptors, Optimus fell victim to the treacherous Predacon again. This time he had developed a method of controlling his body by remote-piloting it with a suit of armor manipulated by Quickstrike. With Optimus under his control in this manner, Megatron was able to duplicate the process that had upgraded his foe, merging his spark with the original Megatron's and assuming a new transmetal 2 dragon form. This, coupled with the addition of Tigerhawk to the Maximal forces, led Primal to suspect that these events were playing out in accordance with the Cybertronian holy text, the Covenant of Primus. Realizing that Megatron sought to use the crashed Decepticon warship, Nemesis, to end the Beast Wars, Primal engaged him in a final confrontation, although per the covenant, he was aware he would not succeed. Salvation came in the form of Megatron's Transmetal II clone of the original Dinobot, who turned on his commander, allowing Rhinox to crash an Autobot shuttle into the Nemesis with episodic force, blowing it out of the sky and sending it back into the sea.

With all the other Predacons dealt with, and Megatron finally their captive courtesy of Rhinox's quickly strategised intervention, the Maximals clamped him to the hull of the Autobot shuttle, and, with the Beast Wars finally concluded, headed back at last to Cybertron. In a Deleted scene for this Episode; before the Maximals Leave the planet, it shows Optimus pulling the Original Megatron's spark out of his foes' chest and returning it to the Shell of the original Megatron himself to ensure events and time were not altered when the time would come for the Autobots and Decepticons to awaken and rebegin their fight on earth. when this happens The Original Megatron's eyes glow much in the same fashion as when Primal returned Optimus Prime's Spark when the time storm died. But in the show there wasn't any sign of another Time Storm forming after Megatron took his Namesake's Spark in any way like the one that formed when Megatron had almost killed Prime. While the Maximals were returning to Cybertron, via Transwarp space, Megatron broke free from the ship's hull and hurtled full speed onwards the rest of the way, ahead of his foes. The Maximals witnessed this as they were tossed about the ship with every klik(earth second)it spent traveling through Transwarp space. When they arrived, shots rocketed towards, and damaged, their ship, sending it accelerating uncontrolably down to Cybertron. The Maximals became unconscious at the time their ship was attacked. They had enough consciousness after crashing, so they used it to escape the pursuit formations of Megatron's new, sparkless transformers, the Vehicons, who were armed with canisters containing his transformation freezing virus that, upon contact, devolved his foes into their original beast form bodies and suspended their ability to "MAXIMIZE!", making them powerless to stop Megatron.

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