Optical Imaging System

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Optical Motion Tracking - Design
... An optical tracking system typically consists of 3 subsystems ... The optical imaging system, the mechanical tracking platform and the tracking computer ... The optical imaging system is responsible for converting the light from the target area into digital image that the tracking computer can process ...
MALDI Imaging
... MALDI imaging is the use of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization as a mass spectrometry imaging technique in which the sample, often a thin tissue section, is moved in two dimensions ...
Cardinal Point (optics) - Modeling Optical Systems As Mathematical Transformations - Ideal, Rotationally Symmetric, Optical Imaging System
... An ideal, rotationally symmetric, optical imaging system must meet three criteria All rays "originating" from any object point converge to a single image point (Imaging is stigmatic) ... Object planes perpendicular to the optical axis are conjugate to image planes perpendicular to the axis ... In some optical systems imaging is stigmatic for one or perhaps a few object points, but to be an ideal system imaging must be stigmatic for every object point ...
Biological Imaging
... Biological imaging may refer to any imaging technique used in biology ... Typical examples include Bioluminescence imaging, a technique for studying laboratory animals using luminescent protein Calcium imaging, determining the calcium status of a tissue using fluorescent light ...
Imaging - Proper Names
... Imaging for Windows, a software product for scanning paper documents. ...

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