Operativo Independencia

Operativo Independencia (Spanish for "Operation Independence") was the code-name of the Argentine military operation in the Tucumán Province, started in 1975, to crush the ERP (Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo or People's Revolutionary Army), a Guevarist guerrilla group, which tried to create a Vietnam-style war front in Tucuman, in northwestern Argentina. It was the first large-scale military operation of the Dirty War.

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Operativo Independencia - Veterans Demand Recognition
... data from the 2,300-strong Asociación Ex-Combatientes del Operativo Independencia indicate that as of 1976, 4 times more Tucumán veterans have died from suicide after operations in the province ... March 2008, some 2.000 Tucumán veterans of the 11.000-strong Movimiento Ex Soldados del Operativo Independencia y del Conflicto Limítrofe con Chile, who fought against ERP guerrillas and were later were redeployed ...