Opening Diphthongs

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Diphthong - Types - Closing, Opening, and Centering
... In closing diphthongs, the second element is more close than the first (e.g ... ) in opening diphthongs, the second element is more open (e.g ... Closing diphthongs tend to be falling, and opening diphthongs are generally rising, as open vowels are more sonorous and therefore tend to be more ...
Finnish Phonotactics - Vowels - Diphthongs
... The table below lists the conventionally recognized diphthongs in Finnish ... phonetically speaking) a diphthong does not sound like a sequence of two different vowels instead, the sound of the first vowel gradually glides into the sound of the second one ... That is to say, the two portions of the diphthong are not broken by a pause or stress pattern ...

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