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Open Fields Doctrine - History
... The open fields doctrine was first articulated by the U.S ... people in their ‘persons, houses, papers, and effects,’ is not extended to the open fields." This opinion appears to be decided on the basis that "open fields are not a "const ... Court held that a privacy expectation regarding an open field is unreasonable …open fields do not provide the setting for those intimate activities that the Amendment is intended to shelter from government ...
Parliamentary Enclosure and Open Fields
... These "parliamentary" enclosures consolidated strips in the open fields into more compact units, and enclosed much of the remaining pasture commons or wastes ... They also had to respect the open field system rights, when demanded, even when in practice the rights were not widely in use ... Without extinguishment, one man in an entire village could unilaterally impose the common field system, even if everyone else did not desire to continue the practice ...
Laxton, Nottinghamshire - Open Fields
... land but retains also a significant part of the mediaeval open field system ... Fields, divided into strips, are farmed in common among the landowners of the village ... Today, there are three open fields remaining the Mill Field, the South Field and the West Field ...
New York State Route 89 - Route Description - Wayne County
... The routes initially pass by farmland however, the open fields gradually give way to homes and businesses as the road approaches the hamlet of Savannah ... The open fields return 0.5 miles (0.8 km) from the hamlet's center, and NY 89 heads north across a mixture of open fields and marshland for roughly 10 miles (16 km) to ...

Famous quotes containing the words fields and/or open:

    I will never accept that I got a free ride. It wasn’t free at all. My ancestors were brought here against their will. They were made to work and help build the country. I worked in the cotton fields from the age of seven. I worked in the laundry for twenty- three years. I worked for the national organization for nine years. I just retired from city government after twelve-and-a- half years.
    Johnnie Tillmon (b. 1926)

    What I mean by the Muse is that unimpeded clearness of the intuitive powers, which a perfectly truthful adherence to every admonition of the higher instincts would bring to a finely organized human being.... Should these faculties have free play, I believe they will open new, deeper and purer sources of joyous inspiration than have yet refreshed the earth.
    Margaret Fuller (1810–1850)