Opel Combo

The Opel Combo is a leisure activity vehicle from the German automaker Opel. The Combo first appeared in 1993, a second generation model was introduced in 2001 and the third has been manufactured from December 2011, based on the Fiat Doblò. The name "Combo" was previously applied as a suffix to a three-door panel van body style of Opel Kadett E.

The Combo B and Combo C share platforms, vital components and some body panels with contemporary subcompact Opel Corsas, which used to be a typical pedigree for such a vehicle. The generations are denoted B and C in typical Opel fashion, but Holden applied the codes SB and XC respectively, reflecting the relation with SB and XC Holden Barinas (Opel Corsa B and C, respectively).

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