OPD stands for :

  • Oakland Police Department (California) law enforcement agency in the city of Oakland, CA
  • Object Process Diagram, in object oriented programming
  • Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy, a muscle disease
  • Office of Public Diplomacy, an intra-agency organization established in the United States during the administration of Ronald Reagan
  • Office Products Division, a division in IBM
  • Officially Pronounced Dead, a term for death determination
  • Oldcastle Products and Distribution
  • Omaha Police Department, a law enforcement agency of the city of Omaha, Nebraska, USA
  • One Per Desk, an integrated personal computer and telecommunications terminal produced by ICL in the 1980s
  • Operationalised Psychodynamic Diagnostics, a diagnostic instrument used by therapists in Psychotherapy to include fundamental psychodynamic dimensions to the ICD-10 classification
  • Operational Preparation Directorate, a NATO entity evaluating NATO's deployable structures
  • o-phenylenediamine, a chemical compound
  • optical path difference
  • Organizational Process Definition
  • Original Promise Due Date Performance, a customer satisfaction indicator
  • Orlando, Florida Police Department, a law enforcement agency of the city of Orlando, Florida, USA
  • Outpatient department, a hospital department where patients receive diagnoses and/or treatment but do not stay overnight
  • Outsourced product development, a type of business activity
  • Overfill Prevention Device, a safety mechanism commonly attached to the valves of propane tanks
  • Pico dos Dias Observatory, an astronomical observatory
  • OmniPage Document, a file format (and file name extension)

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... suite bundled with the QL was also ported to the OPD as Xchange and was available as an optional ROM pack ... Software, address book, and inter-OPD communications utilities ... of Defence sectors, used statistics applications on OPD systems to view graphical representations of mainframe reports ...
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