O'olish Amaneh

O'olish Amaneh is a fictional character from Terry Brooks' Word/Void and Genesis of Shannara series, both prequels to his Shannara novels.

A Native American also known as Two Bears, O'olish Amaneh is the last surviving descendant of the Sinnissippi tribe that once lived in what became the town of Hopewell, Illinois, (the primary setting of the Word/Void novels). He is a servant of the Word, although his exact station is not well understood. In the Word/Void series O'olish has frequent visits with Nest Freemark under mysterious circumstances to offer wisdom and guidance during her trials against the minions of the Void. Some years prior, he had also been the Word's messenger in delivering a powerful magic staff to John Ross, finalizing John's knighthood under the Word. He appears eighty years later in the novel Armageddon's Children, to Logan Tom, another Knight of the Word. Returning to Hopewell, O'olish charges Logan with a quest to discover a crucial magical creation. It is also mentioned that O'olish delivered Logan's staff to him upon knighthood as well.

Two Bears has shown several supernatural skills, including the power to communicate with the spirits of his ancestors through dance, and the ability to disappear in a whirlwind. He has been hinted to have deadly fighting skills, despite almost never using them - the only instance of Two Bears in combat was when a skilled, dangerous demon attacked him with a knife, and he apparently disarmed the demon (hurting her hand in the process) without even appearing to have moved. He also has evidenced a remarkable lifespan, and has shown minimal, if any, signs of aging.