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Fossil Fuel

  • Atikokan (211 MW coal)
  • Lambton (950 MW coal)
  • Nanticoke (2,760 MW coal) – The largest coal-fired power plant in North America.
  • Thunder Bay (303 MW coal) – Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • Lennox (2,140 MW oil/natural gas)


  • Lakeview Generating Station – demolished (2,400 MW coal) – Mississauga, Ontario
  • Wesleyville (Mothballed/Never Completed), land purchased in the early-1960's was to have been an oil-fired plant.
  • Hearn Generating Station – gutted, structure remains (1,200 MW coal) – Toronto, Ontario


  • Brighton Beach Generating Station (580 MW natural gas), Jointly owned by OPG and ATCO Power Ltd. Operated by Coral Energy Canada Inc.
  • Portlands Energy Centre (638 MW natural gas), Jointly owned by OPG and TransCanada Energy. First transmission of power June 2008.

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