Patria Onoguria referred to by the such as Agathius, Priscus Rhetor, Zacharias Rhetor, and Pseudo-Zecharias Rhetor, was a Hunno-Bulgar state around the Sea of Azov granted by Byzantium to the Hunugurs/Onogurs/Unogurs in the 460s AD when, led by Attila's sons Dengizich and Ernakh, they overran Karadach's Akatziroi already settled in the region within the larger context of the Great Migrations and the Turkic expansion. From the 5th to 8th century this was the kingdom of the Hunugur/Onogur/Unogur Crimean Huns, a horde of equestrian nomads in the North Eurasian steppe east of the Don River (Russia) who became known as Utigur Bulgars under Sandilch after they were annexed by the Onoq.

According to the Rhetors, the Hunugurs/Onogurs/Unogurs crossed the Volga and entered into Europe around the year 463 having been attacked (along with the Saragur and Ugor) by the Sabirs who in turn had been attacked by the Avars.

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