Omsk State Technical University

Omsk State Technical University in Omsk, Russia, is one of the leading educational institutions in the Western Siberian Region. It is alma mater to thousands of professionals who now work at industrial enterprises in the Siberian region.

The university was founded in 1942, as Omsk Machine Building Institute. It was the evacuated version of the machine-building institute from Luhansk, Ukrainian SSR (now East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University). In 1963, the Omsk Machine Building Institute was renamed the Omsk Polytechnic Institute: 7 Faculties, 5900 students, 210 professors and instructors. In 2006 the institute was renamed the Omsk State Technical University.

At present the university has 4 institutes, 8 faculties, Military Chair, 843 instructors, 14000 students, 8 buildings, Sport centers, 8 Hostels, Publishing House, Medical Center, Sport Camp. There are 63 Doctors of Science and 394 PhD working at the University. The current university rector is Victor Shalay.

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