Omega Point (disambiguation)

Omega Point is an idea in philosophy (eschatology) advanced by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Omega Point may also refer to:

  • Omega Point (album), an album by Spear of Destiny
  • An idea in cosmology advanced by mathematical physicist Frank J. Tipler
  • Omega point (geometry), a boundary point in hyperbolic geometry
  • Point Omega, a 2010 novel by Don DeLillo
  • The Omega Point, a series of space opera novellas written by George Zebrowski
  • Omega Point (band), a progressive metal band from Baltimore, MD.
  • The Omega Point: Beyond 2012, a novel by Whitley Strieber

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    The whole point about the true unconscious is that it is all the time moving forward, beyond the range of its own fixed laws or habits. It is no good trying to superimpose an ideal nature upon the unconscious.
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