Omega Boost

Omega Boost is a three dimensional shoot 'em up developed by Polyphony Digital for the Sony PlayStation.

In the game, players take control of the Omega Boost, a giant robot. The player is charged with travelling back in time to stop an artificial intelligence called Alpha Core from altering ENIAC, the first computer, and thus making itself more powerful in the future. The gameplay takes place in waves, meaning that enemies will appear in the same groups and formations in the same order every playthrough. The player doesn't get to choose what order to engage an entire stage's enemies, just the ones in the current wave. This rail-shooter element does not hamper the player's freedom to fly where they choose in most stages. On some stages, the player has complete control of Omega Boost, specifically areas where they are in Planet ETA's atmosphere. Other stages limit the player in terms of speed (falling through the timeshaft).

The "Boost" part of the mech's name comes from Omega Boost's booster pack, allowing the player to move in any direction and circle strafe enemies with a scanning and lock-on feature. Omega Boost also learns the Viper Boost maneuver once it is levelled up. Viper Boost, when engaged, will cause Omega Boost to glow blue as it tears through enemies on screen. Destroying enemies will cause the gauge to refill incrementally. However, the game can be completed without ever using Viper Boost. If Viper Boost is used, the final ranking will have "Pixy" added onto the title, showing the attack during play.

The game has high production values with a few music tracks by the bands Loudmouth and the song "Otsegolation" by Static-X. The game also features a live action introduction and mecha designs by Shoji Kawamori of Macross fame. The US, Japanese and European releases feature different theme music with the US version using "Fly" by Loudmouth, the Japanese version using "Shade" by Feeder and the European version using "Dreamer" by Cast.

Being released late in the PlayStation's life, Omega Boost is said to have some of the best graphics on the console with parts of the game running at 60 frame/s. The game was criticised by some reviewers for being too short (Nine levels with nine unlockable special missions) and simplistic. However, it is still considered one of the best Macross style mecha simulation games produced and is thought of by many as a sleeper hit due to its poor marketing.

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