Old St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Vacant


By 1953, the congregation had outgrown the small church, which had room for only 100 parishioners. A new St. Peter's was built, and the old church was left vacant and in danger of demolition. A group of local residents persuaded the city to accept and maintain the church, provided the group could raise $5,000 to move it to Harbor View Memorial Park. The fundraising effort succeeded, and St. Peter’s was moved to its present location in September 1956. The church was deconsecrated and rededicated as a memorial chapel, which is open for special occasions, including weddings and music recitals.

In October, 2008, there are plans to move the church from Harbor View Cemetery in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles, to Green Hills Memorial Park, in the city of Palos Verdes Estates, California.

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