Old Order German Baptist Brethren

The Old Order German Baptist Brethren are a small group of Schwarzenau Brethren that split from the Old German Baptist Brethren (OGBB) in 1921, when members of the latter began to accept automobiles. Though similar to the OGBB in faith and practice, the Old Order German Baptist Brethren represent those who desired to maintain a strict adherence to tradition, such as the use of horse and buggy for transportation. The group has about 100 members.

This group should be distinguished from the Old Brethren German Baptists, a similar horse and buggy group that split off from the OGBB in 1939, and has members living near Camden, Indiana and in Missouri.

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    I am perhaps being a bit facetious but if some of my good Baptist brethren in Georgia had done a little preaching from the pulpit against the K.K.K. in the ‘20s, I would have a little more genuine American respect for their Christianity!
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)

    A bargain is in its very essence a hostile transaction ... do not all men try to abate the price of all they buy? I contend that a bargain even between brethren is a declaration of war.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)

    You should approach Joyce’s Ulysses as the illiterate Baptist preacher approaches the Old Testament: with faith.
    William Faulkner (1897–1962)

    So far no actual revolutionary masses have come into view. This might be considered sufficient reason for reproaching someone who has set out to describe a revolution. But it is not our fault. This is, after all, a German revolution.
    Alfred Döblin (1878–1957)

    To write is to make oneself the echo of what cannot cease speaking—and since it cannot, in order to become its echo I have, in a way, to silence it. I bring to this incessant speech the decisiveness, the authority of my own silence.
    Maurice Blanchot (b. 1907)