Old Deer Park

Old Deer Park is an area of open space within Richmond-upon-Thames, London, England, and is 147 hectares (360 acres) in extent of which 90.37 hectares (223.3 acres) is classed as "private".

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Old Deer Park - Main Elements of The Park
... Richmond Swimming Pool Lido, now called "Pools on the Park" ... Public car park and miscellaneous commercial buildings ...
.243 Winchester
... used on varmints such as coyote, medium to large game such as blacktail deer, whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorn,and wild hogs ...
Elk - Taxonomy
... but rather the largest member of the wider deer family (Cervidae) known from the fossil record ... Until recently, red deer and elk were considered to be one species, Cervus elaphus ... DNA studies, conducted on hundreds of samples in 2004 from red deer and elk subspecies as well as other species of the Cervus deer family, strongly indicate that elk ...
... Capreolus is a genus of deer with at least two extant species Capreolus capreolus (European Roe Deer) Capreolus pygargus (Siberian Roe Deer) ...
Deer - Cultural Significance - Literature and Art
... For the role of deer in mythology, see deer in mythology ... In Indian epic Ramayana, Sita is lured by a Golden deer which Rama tries to catch ... The deer plays a large role in Scottish Gaelic poetry (fiadh) of the Highlands of Scotland, where it is seen as a noble creature, and ofter used as a flattering simile or metaphor when used ...

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