Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction - Powers and Responsibilities

Powers and Responsibilities

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Constitutionally, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction has no duties. The office’s powers and responsibilities come from Oklahoma School Code and the powers granted to the office by the Oklahoma State Board of Education. The primary function of the State Superintendent is giving advice and making recommendations to the State Board of Education on all matters pertaining to the policies and administration of the State Department of Education and the public school system. The State Superintendent’s powers over the Department of Education come from its ex officio positions as President of the Oklahoma State Board of Education and Oklahoma State Board of Career and Technology Education. As the President of these Boards, the State Superintendent presides at all meetings and has the full right of discussion and voting on all measures.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the State Department of Education, State Superintendent coordinates all divisions of the State Department of Education and supervises all employees. As Oklahoma's state education agency, the Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction is responsible for the general administration, coordination, supervision, promotion, evaluation, and improvement of educational programs, the state superintendent interprets and implements the policies of the State Board of Education. Also, upon request, the State Superintendent must advise district superintendents of schools on questions as to the powers, duties, and functions of school district officials.

Every two years, the State Superintendent must compile, publish, and distribute a book of laws and Attorney General’s opinions on schools, and issue annually a statistical report for the Governor and legislators on the Education Department. Depending on the relationship between the two, the State Superintendent can serve as the chief education advisor to the Governor of Oklahoma, as demonstrated by the relationship between Governor Brad Henry and Superintendent Sandy Garrett.

The State Superintendent serves as the official representatives from Oklahoma to the United States Department of Education.

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