Oghuz may refer to:

  • an early Turkic word for "tribe", see Oghuz (tribe)
  • Oghuz languages, southwestern branch of the Turkic language family.
  • Oghuz Turks, the Turkic groups speaking Oghuz languages
  • Oghuz Khan, a legendary and semi-mythological Turkic khan.
  • Oğuz, a Turkish masculine given name.
  • Oghuz Rayon, a rayon of Azerbaijan.
  • Oğuz, an administrative district of Azerbaijan.

Other articles related to "oghuz":

Mollalı, Oghuz
... Mollalı (also, Mollaly) is a village and municipality in the Oghuz Rayon of Azerbaijan ... It has a population of 573 ...
Mughal Tribe - Clans - Turkmen
... Historically, all of the Western or Oghuz Turks have been called Türkmen or derisively Turkoman however, today the terms are usually restricted to the ... Turkmen people descend, at least in part, from the Oghuz Turks of Transoxiana, the western portion of Turkestan, a region that largely corresponds to much of Central Asia as far ... Oghuz tribes had moved westward from the Altay mountains in the 7th century CE, through the Siberian steppes, and settled in this region ...
Pechenegs - Origins and Area
... second definition of Beçenek is "a branch of Oghuz Turks" he subsequently described the Oghuz as being formed of 22 branches, of which the 19th branch was named Beçe ... Pechenegs are one of Üçok tribes of the Oghuz ...
Tepegoz - In Literature
... chapter of the Book of Dede Korkut, enemy forces attack Oghuz lands (Azerbaijan and Turkish lands) ... When local Oghuz villagers retreat, the son of Aruz is left behind ... Years later a herdsman of the Oghuz saw a nymph who gave birth days later ...