OCAP may stand for:

  • Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
  • OpenCable Application Platform
  • Out of Control Action Plan
  • OCAP Corporation supplier of genuine auto parts in California, USA.

Other articles related to "ocap":

Switched Video
... for the cable receiver and A Java-based OpenCable Application Platform (abbreviated as OCAP) stack that allows the cable company to download an application written in OCAP to run on any cable receiver which ... The OCAP application programs the cable receiver on how to communicate with the switched video server, and does other tasks like running an interactive program guide and programming the receiver on how to perform ... It could choose the standard that its pre-OCAP hardware used in order to preserve its investment in legacy hardware, or could deploy DOCSIS Set-top Gateway in ...
Downloadable Conditional Access System
... digital rights management (DRM) into an OCAP-compliant host consumer media device ... and requires an operating system (OCAP) that a majority of consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers do not wish to implement ... Additional circuitry needed to run the OCAP operating system would be required ...
Interactive Television Standards - Open or Public Standards - OCAP
... of the standard MHP as base for this standard, the OCAP (OpenCable Application Platform), in January, 2002 ... With MHP in its center OCAP provides a common especificaiĆ³n for the middleware layer for the systems of cable in the United States ... Since in the United States DVB standards are not used, OCAP is based on those parts that are not DVB specific, replacing the rest of DVB specific ones such as DVB IF API ...