Object Hyperlinking

Object hyperlinking is a neologism that usually refers to extending the Internet to objects and locations in the real world. The current Internet does not extend beyond the electronic world. Object hyperlinking aims to extend the Internet to the real world by attaching object tags with URLs as meta-objects to tangible objects or locations. These object tags can then be read by a wireless mobile device and information about objects and locations retrieved and displayed.

However, object hyperlinking may be senseful in other context than with the Internet, e.g. with data objects in data base administering or with text content management.

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Applications For Object Hyperlinking
... The object hyperlinking systems described above will make it possible to link comprehensive and editable information to any object or location ... Semapedia have created a system for linking physical objects and Wikipedia articles using the Semacode tagging scheme ... These tags can then be attached to the physical objects mentioned in the Wikipedia articles ...
Hardlink (homonymy)
... A hardlink (one word) is one of several methods of object hyperlinking including graphical tags (2D barcodes), SMS tags and RFID tags ... The hardlink method establishes a reference link between a physical world object and a.mobi web page just as a traditional hyperlink establishes an ... and enters some alphanumeric sequence found on the target object ...

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