NUTS 2 Statistical Regions of The Republic of Ireland - NUTS Level 2 Regions

NUTS Level 2 Regions

The two NUTS 2 regions of Ireland are managed within the "Regional Assemblies in Ireland" system. Both regions had "Objective 1" status for EU Structural Funds purposes.

Border, Midland and Western
Country Ireland
Total 33,252.3 km2 (12,838.8 sq mi)
Population (2007)
• Total 1,166,500
• Density Bad rounding here35/km2 (Bad rounding here91/sq mi)
NUTS code IE01
GDP per capita (PPS) € 24,500 (2006)
  • Border, Midland and Western This region's "Objective 1" status for EU Structural Funds purposes ended in 2006.
  • area total (km2) = 33,252.3
  • population as of = 2007 = 1,166,500
  • GDP per capita (PPS) = € 24,500 (2006)
  • Southern and Eastern This region's "Objective 1" status for EU Structural Funds purposes ended in 2005.
  • area total (km2) = 36,544.8
  • population as of 2007 = 3,190,400
  • GDP per capita (PPS) = € 38,600 (2006)
Southern and Eastern
Country Ireland
• Total 36,544.8 km2 (14,110.0 sq mi)
Population (2007)
• Total 3,190,400
• Density Bad rounding here87/km2 (Bad rounding here230/sq mi)
NUTS code IE02
GDP per capita (PPS) € 38,600 (2006)
  • The remaining part of the island of Ireland, Northern Ireland, is both a NUTS 1 and a NUTS 2 level area. This means that there are two NUTS 1 entities on the island.

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