Null Space

  • (noun): A space that contains no points; and empty space.

Some articles on null space, space:

Singular Value Decomposition - Applications of The SVD - Range, Null Space and Rank
... of the SVD is that it provides an explicit representation of the range and null space of a matrix M ... to vanishing (zeros) singular values of M span the null space of M ... the null space is spanned by the last two columns of in the above example ...
Warriors' Gate - Plot
... The TARDIS and its crew of the Doctor, Romana, Adric, and K-9, while traveling between E-space and the normal universe (n-space), becomes trapped in a ... The Doctor leaves on his own to explode the null space, finding a large stone gateway ... K-9 arrives, and informs the two of dimensional instability in the null space, which they attribute to the alloy, causing the space to collapse in on ...
Berlekamp's Algorithm - Overview
... of R (which can be considered as an -dimensional vector space over ), called the Berlekamp subalgebra ... achieved via the observation that Berlekamp subalgebra is in fact the null space of a certain matrix over, which is derived from the so-called Berlekamp matrix of the polynomial, denoted ... if and only if it is in the null space of ...
Kernel (matrix)
... In linear algebra, the kernel or null space (also nullspace) of a matrix A is the set of all vectors x for which Ax = 0 ... a matrix with real coefficients and n columns is a linear subspace of n-dimensional Euclidean space ... The dimension of the null space of A is called the nullity of A ...
Rank–nullity Theorem - Proofs
... r linearly independent solutions that span the null space of A ... Hence, the columns of X constitute a basis for the null space of A ...

Famous quotes containing the words space and/or null:

    To play is nothing but the imitative substitution of a pleasurable, superfluous and voluntary action for a serious, necessary, imperative and difficult one. At the cradle of play as well as of artistic activity there stood leisure, tedium entailed by increased spiritual mobility, a horror vacui, the need of letting forms no longer imprisoned move freely, of filling empty time with sequences of notes, empty space with sequences of form.
    Max J. Friedländer (1867–1958)

    A strong person makes the law and custom null before his own will.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)