NRM may refer to:

  • National Railway Museum, York, United Kingdom
  • National Railway Museum (disambiguation) - in general
  • National Resistance Movement, a political organisation in Uganda
  • Natural remanent magnetization, permanent magnetic property of rocks and sediments
  • Natural resource management
  • New religious movement
  • Normal Response Mode in the HDLC communications protocol
  • Norman Rockwell Museum
  • N.R.M., a rock band from Minsk, Belarus
  • nrm, ISO 639-3 code for Narom language
  • Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, Swedish Museum of Natural History
  • nucleus raphe magnus

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Forum For Democratic Change - Splits Within The NRM
... Many had only joined the war towards its conclusion or had joined as NRM cadres after the war ... The young cadres and the Tutsi refugees formed the new power base of the NRM, and the party increasingly appeared tribal ... The NRM realised it had to broaden its appeal, first by appeasing the Baganda (Uganda's largest ethnic group) by restoring their king the Kabaka, and recruiting more people from other tribes into the armed ...
New Regard Media - Catalog
... NRM-001 President Busch First Term 5 song 7" EP 2003 NRM-002 Full Frontal Assault The Universal Struggle CD 2004 NRM-003 Axes of Evil Married To America CD 2004 NRM-004 Local Compilation Damage ... The Hollowpoints Split 7" 2005 NRM-008 Eightyfour S/T CD 2006 NRM-009 All Nighters Drink The Night CD 2006 NRM-010 Full Frontal Assault Leading The Resistance CD 2006 ...
Gilbert Bukenya - Work Experience
... He also served as Chairman of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) parliamentary caucus ... tension that was boiling up between President Museveni and other historical leaders of the ruling NRM ... He was the Vice President and was chairman of the ruling NRM party in the Buganda region ...
List Of Cults
... A new religious movement (NRM) is a religious community or ethical, spiritual, or philosophical group of modern origins, which has a peripheral place ... NRMs may be novel in origin or they may be part of a wider religion, in which case they will be distinct from pre-existing denominations ... A NRM may be one of a wide range of movements ranging from those with loose affiliations based on novel approaches to spirituality or religion to communitarian enterprises ...