Northern Yuan

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Northern Yuan Dynasty - History - Retreating To Mongolia (1368–1388)
... The Mongol Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) ruled all of China for about a century ... the Ming Dynasty in South China, and sent an army toward the Yuan capital Dadu (present-day Beijing) in 1368. 1333–70), the last ruler of the Yuan, fled north to Shangdu (located in present-day Inner Mongolia) from Dadu in 1368 after the approach of the forces of the Míng Dynasty (1368–1644) ...
Borjigin - Yuan Dynasty Family Tree
... defeating his younger brother Ariq Böke, founded the Yuan Dynasty in China in 1271 ... in 1368, but it survived in Mongolia, known as the Northern Yuan ... submitted himself to Hong Taiji the next year, ending the Northern Yuan regime ...
Lan Yu (general) - Biography
... In 1372, he accompanied Xu Da on a campaign against the Northern Yuan Dynasty in Mongolia, departing from Yan Pass and defeating the Yuan armies at Mount Luan (亂山) and near the Tula River (土剌河) ... In 1387, Nahachu (納哈出) of the Northern Yuan invaded Liaodong and the Hongwu Emperor sent Feng Sheng, with Lan Yu and Fu Youde as his right and left deputies ... Lan Yu as General-in-Chief (大將軍) and sent him with 150,000 troops to attack the Northern Yuan ruler Uskhal Khan ...

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