None of These Candidates

None of These Candidates is a voting option for Nevada voters for President of the United States and for state constitutional positions. This option is listed along with the names of individuals running for the position and is often described as "none of the above".

The option first appeared on the Nevada ballot in 1975.

Even if the "None of These Candidates" option receives the most votes in an election, the actual candidate who receives the most votes still wins the election. In the 1976 Republican primary for Nevada's At-large congressional district, None of These Candidates received 16,097 votes, while Walden Earhart won 9,831 votes, followed by Dart Anthony with 8,097 votes. Even though he received fewer votes than "None of These Candidates", Earhart received the Republican nomination. He went on to lose to incumbent Democratic Congressman Jim Santini in the general election. The None of These Candidates has played a spoiler effect in close races, such as in the 1998 Senate Election, in which Democratic incumbent Harry Reid defeated Republican challenger John Ensign by only 428 votes, while None of These Candidates drew 8,125 votes.

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