Nome King

The Nome King is a fictional character in L. Frank Baum's Oz books. Although the Wicked Witch of the West is the most famous of Oz's villains (thanks to the popular 1939 film The Wizard of Oz), the Nome King is the closest the book series has to a main antagonist.

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Mombi - Film and Television
... She is a coward at heart who grovels before the Nome King and begs for her life when he is displeased with her ... She makes a deal with the Nome King, for if she trapped Princess Ozma in her enchanted mirror, he would make her a princess and gives her thirty beautiful ... At the climax of the film, the Nome King imprisons Mombi in a magical cage for failing him ...
List Of Fables Characters - The Homelands - The People of Oz - Other Oz-characters
... Homeland of Ev while on the run from the Nome King's enforcers ... Winged monkeys All working in the Nome King's air corps ... working in the Pan-Ozian administration of the Nome King, who feeds his enemies to the Yoop ...
List Of Oz Characters - Nome King
... The Nome King (first referred to as Roquat, and later Ruggedo) is the ruler of an underground kingdom of miner-soldiers ...
Nome King - In Other Media
... The Nome King was first played by Paul de Dupont in The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays (1908) ... As in the novel, the lack of females among Nomes causes Ruggedo to be willing to take her as wife, sister, or daughter so long as she remains to brighten his kingdom ... Oz, featuring many familiar Oz characters, such as Roquat the Nome King, Tik Tok, Uncle Henry, and, of course, Dorothy ...
Silver Shoes - Appearances in Film - Return To Oz
... They allow the Nome King to conquer Oz and turn every one in the Emerald City to stone ... This extra power is due to the fact the slippers replace the Nome King's Magic Belt ... In the original draft of the script, the Nome King had refashioned the slippers into the actual Magic Belt from the novels ...

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