Noh Hong-cheol - Television/Radio Appearances

Television/Radio Appearances


  • MBC's Muhan Dojeon (Infinite Challenge, 무한도전) Co-Host, as a founding member, since 2005
  • KBS 2TV's Do Dream(Talk show) Co-host
  • MBC's Show! Music Core Co-host


  • MBC FM4U's Chin-han-chin-gu (Good Friend 노홍철의 친한친구, Abbr: Chin-chin친친) Host
  • tvN's of the birth rich person (부자의 탄생) Co-Host
  •'s serenade operations (세레나데 대작전) Co-Host
  • MBC's Come to play' (놀러와) Joint Panel (2004–2010)
  • MBC's 7 Octaves (7옥타브) Joint Panel
  • MBC's The lord of Study (공부의 신, special coverage for 2007 Hangawi holidays) Co-Host
  • KBS 2TV's Happy Sunday-2 days, 1 night with Kang Ho Dong (해피 선데이-강호동의 1박2일) Joint Panel
  • SBS's Power FM's Noh Hong-cheol's Happy Our Young Day Host (노홍철의 기쁜 우리 젊은날, from May 1 to November 6 of 2006)
  • SBS's Gold-miss is coming (골드미스가 간다) Host-in-chief
  • Mnet's Trend Report Fil (트렌드리포트 필, latest fashion trend magazine) Host
  • SBS's Heroes Host
  • KBS 2TV's Emergency Escape Number One! (위기탈출 넘버원!) Co-Host
  • tvN's Korea's Got Talent (코리아 갓 탤런트) Co-Host

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    Local television shows do not, in general, supply make-up artists. The exception to this is Los Angeles, an unusually generous city in this regard, since they also provide this service for radio appearances.
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    We often think ourselves inconsistent creatures, when we are the furthest from it, and all the variety of shapes and contradictory appearances we put on, are in truth but so many different attempts to gratify the same governing appetite.
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    All television ever did was shrink the demand for ordinary movies. The demand for extraordinary movies increased. If any one thing is wrong with the movie industry today, it is the unrelenting effort to astonish.
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