No Wires Needed

NoWires Needed was a Dutch company specializing in IEEE 802.11 wireless WLAN technology. It was founded in Bilthoven, in the Netherlands in 1994 .

The first product was the Parrot 550 wireless access point. This was followed by the Parrot 1100 WAP with 11 Mbit/s capacity and 802.11b and Wi-Fi compatibility. The product line also included wireless network interfaces. All of these used the Intersil PRISM WLAN chipset.

The Parrot 1100 was also sold by Compaq as the WL400 access point. This access point was not intended to be sold to consumers, but rather to businesses. This model included an extra long, heavy duty power cable and the ability to be wall-mounted. FCC rules require that WLAN hardware available to consumers use non-standard antenna connectors. The WL400 however uses standard SMA connectors for its antennas.

In 2000 the company was sold to Intersil. In August 2003 Intersil sold off their Wireless product group to GlobespanVirata. In March 2004 GlobespanVirata merged with Conexant Systems.

The Parrot 1148 access point was launched before the merger, but it never entered series production

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