No. 459 Squadron RAAF - Squadron Stations

Squadron Stations

Bases and airfields used by No 459 Squadron RAAF, data from
From To Station Remark
10 February 1942 14 May 1942 LG.39/Burg-el-Arab, Egypt Dets. at LG.05/Sidi Barrani, Egypt and RAF Gambut, Libya
14 May 1942 30 June 1942 LG.40/Bahig South, Egypt
30 June 1942 10 September 1942 LG.208/LG Z'Mahsma, Egypt Dets at LG.226/Gianaclis, Egypt; RAF St Jean, Palestine;
RAF Khormaksar, Aden; Scuscuiban;
RAF Socotra, Yemen; Gambut III, Libya;
LG 227/Gianaclis Satellite, Egypt
28 November 1942 18 December 1942 LG.226/Gianaclis, Egypt Dets at RAF Khormaksar, Aden; Scuscuiban;
Socotra, Yemen; Gambut III, Libya;
LG.227/Gianaclis Satellite, Egypt; Berka III, Libya
18 December 1942 5 April 1944 LG.143/Gambut III, Libya Dets at RAF Khormaksar, Aden; Berka III, Libya;
LG.227/Gianaclis Satellite, Egypt; RAF Nicosia, Cyprus;
LG.91, Egypt; LG.07/'Z'LG/Matruh West, Egypt;
RAF Lydda, Palestine; Gianaclis, Egypt;
RAF El Adem, Libya; RAF St Jean, Palestine
and RAF Ramat David, Palestine
5 April 1944 15 May 1944 RAF Ramat David, Palestine
15 May 1944 9 August 1944 RAF St Jean, Palestine
9 August 1944 17 February 1945 Berka III, Libya Det. at Mersa Matruh, Egypt
17 February 1945 25 February 1945 RAF Almaza (No 22 PTC), Egypt
25 February 1945 14 March 1945 en route to the UK
14 March 1945 10 April 1945 RAF Chivenor, Devon Disbanded before becoming operational

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