No. 225 Squadron RAF

No. 225 Squadron RAF was formed on 1 April 1918 at Alimini, Italy from part of No. 6 Wing RNAS, and was equipped with Sopwith Camels. The squadron disbanded on 18 December 1918.

On 11 October 1939 the squadron was reformed at Odiham, equipped with Westland Lysanders, from No. 614A Squadron which had been formed on 3 October 1939 from 'B' Flight 614 Squadron. In 1942 the squadron re-equipped with Hawker Hurricanes and North American Mustangs. After participating in the allied invasion of Tunisia "Operation Torch", the squadron began converting to Supermarine Spitfires in January 1943.

In September 1944 the squadron returned to Italy after the invasion of Southern France, where it remained until disbanding on 7 January 1947.

It was reformed on 1 January 1960, from the Joint Experimental Helicopter Unit, equipped with Bristol Sycamores and Westland Whirlwinds. The squadron was based at Andover until moving to Odiham in May 1960, and then Malaysia in November 1963. The squadron disbanded on 1 November 1965.

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