No. 208 Squadron RAF - Aircraft Operated

Aircraft Operated

Aircraft operated by No. 8 Squadron RNAS and no. 208 Squadron RAF, data from
From To Aircraft Version
October 1916 November 1916 Sopwith 1½ Strutter
October 1916 December 1916 Nieuport Scout
October 1916 February 1917 Sopwith Pup
February 1917 September 1917 Sopwith Triplane
September 1917 November 1918 Sopwith Camel
November 1918 September 1919 Sopwith Snipe
February 1920 November 1920 Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8
November 1920 May 1930 Bristol F.2 Fighter F.2b
May 1930 August 1935 Armstrong Whitworth Atlas
August 1935 January 1939 Hawker Audax
September 1935 March 1936 Hawker Demon
January 1939 May 1942 Westland Lysander Mks.I, II
November 1940 September 1942 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I
May 1941 June 1941 Hawker Audax
May 1942 September 1942 Curtiss Tomahawk Mk.IIb
May 1942 December 1943 Hawker Hurricane Mks.IIa, IIb, IIc
December 1943 July 1944 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc
March 1944 June 1947 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX
August 1944 October 1944 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII
August 1946 March 1957 Supermarine Spitfire FR.18
March 1951 January 1958 Gloster Meteor FR.9
January 1958 February 1958 Hawker Hunter F.5
January 1958 March 1959 Hawker Hunter F.6
April 1959 March 1960 de Havilland Venom FB.4
March 1960 September 1971 Hawker Hunter FGA.9
October 1974 March 1994 Blackburn Buccaneer S.2A, S.2B
April 1994 Present BAe Hawk T.1, T1A

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