No. 1300 Flight RAF

No. 1300 Flight RAF

No. 1300 (Meteorological) Flight was formed on 31 July 1943 at RAF Alipore, West Bengal, British India, by re-designating No. 1 Meteorological Flight RAF. The flight, strength of which had been reduced to three Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIs by this time, was disbanded on 30 May 1946 at RAF Kallang, Malaya, as No. 1300 (Meteorological THUM) Flight, THUM standing for Temperature and Humidity.

No. 1300 (Meteorological Reconnaissance) Flight was re-formed on 1 June 1946 at RAF Mingaladon, Burma, moving to RAF Butterworth, in Malaya, where it disbanded on 15 March 1947 to become No. 18 Squadron RAF.

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