Niner or Niners may refer to:

  • Niner, the pronunciation of the number nine in the ICAO spelling alphabet
  • 29er (disambiguation)
  • 49er (disambiguation)
  • Niners, a nickname for the San Francisco 49ers American football team
  • Niners, fictional baseball team in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Take Me Out to the Holosuite"
  • Niners, fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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List Of The Night Angel Trilogy Characters - Antagonists - King Aleine "Niner" Gunder IX
... Known to the citizens as "Niner", he is very paranoid and weak minded, with the amusing ability to know only variations of the word shit when cursing ... In the ensuing confusion as the Khalidoran's attack, Niner forbids the royal guard from protecting Logan and Jenine, leading General Agon to behead him so Logan can be protected ...
List Of Red Vs. Blue Characters - Project Freelancer - Four Seven Niner
... Appearances Project Freelancer Status Alive Four Seven Niner is a pilot working with Project Freelancer ... Throughout Season 9 and Season 10, Four Seven Niner escorts the Freelancers on numerous missions and performs multiple extractions ... Four Seven Niner is shown to be sarcastic and free-thinking ...
No Agenda - History
... Episode #250 introduced the "Quad Niner" donation level Whenever someone donates $99.99, Curry is obligated to bark "niner, niner, niner, niner!" -- a reference to his use of "niner ...
Procedure Word - Distress, Urgency and Safety Prowords (used For Maritime and Aeronautical VHF) - Securité (safety)
... This is Echo Golf Niner-Three, Echo Golf Niner-Three, Echo Golf Niner-Three ... This is Echo Golf Niner-Tree (three), Echo Golf Niner-Tree, Echo Golf Niner-Tree ...