Nikolay Bogolyubov - Publications - Selected Papers

Selected Papers

  • N. N. Bogoliubov (1948). "Equations of Hydrodynamics in Statistical Mechanics" (in Ukrainian). Sbornik Trudov Instituta Matematiki AN USSR 10: 41—59.
  • "On Question about Superfluidity Condition in the Nuclear Matter Theory" (in Russian), Doklady Akademii Nauk USSR, 119, 52, 1958.
  • "On One Variational Principle in Many Body Problem" (in Russian), Doklady Akademii Nauk USSR, 119, N2, 244, 1959.
  • "On Compensation Principle in the Method of Selfconformed Field" (in Russian), Uspekhi Fizicheskhih Nauk, 67, N4, 549, 1959.
  • "The Quasi-averages in Problems of Statistical Mechanics" (in Russian), Preprint D-781, JINR, Dubna, 1961.
  • "On the Hydrodynamics of a Superfluiding" (in Russian), Preprint P-1395, JINR, Dubna, 1963.

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