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Pashinyan went into hiding after the events of March 1st, 2008. Along with seven others, he is wanted by the Armenian Government for "committing premeditated actions intended to seizing of state power by force, of provocation and organization of mass disorders accompanied with murder in Yerevan."

He has continued to regularly write for his paper, claiming to be traveling around the world with a fake foreign passport.

In an interview with RFE/RL on October 16, 2008, Pashinyan insisted that democratic "revolution" is the only way to effect change in Armenia and that President Sargsyan has done nothing to prove the opposite. He maintains that the government investigators are covering up the perpetrators of the 8 deaths on March 1, who he claims are former president Robert Kocharian and former prime minister Serzh Sargsyan.

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Hiding (also called abscondence or concealment) is obscuring something from view or rendering it inconspicuous.

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    By school age, many boys experience pressure to reveal inner feelings as humiliating. They think their mothers are saying to them, “You must be hiding something shameful.” And shucking clams is a snap compared to prying secrets out of a boy who’s decided to “clam up.”
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