Nicole Tieri

Nicole Lavana Tieri (born 1980) is an American singer and actress who was a contestant on American Idol in 2004, where she arrived at auditions on a kick scooter, which earned her the nickname of "Scooter Girl".

Tieri is a native of Hudsonville, Michigan but moved to New York City in 1999 after graduating from Unity Christian High School. Before her American Idol appearance, she had voiced the role of Akane Aikawa in the English dub of the anime series Magic User's Club (for NYAV Post, 2001–2002). Tieri voiced the character in the OVA series and the first half of the TV series, though she was replaced in the second half by Stacey Williams.

On American Idol, Tieri advanced to the Hollywood round, but was cut from the competition and did not make it to the "Top 32". After American Idol, Tieri was offered an endorsement deal from Razor Scooters and the part of Maureen (originally played by Idina Menzel) in the Broadway musical Rent, but could not accept either offer because of her American Idol contract. This was revealed on VH1's Reality TV Secrets Revealed 2.

She appeared at the Annapolis Octoberfest on October 2, 2005 where she distributed CDs and signed autographs. Nicole is now performing at Sight and Sound in Lancaster PA.

Her album, Tales From Magnolia Drive, is available at, CD Baby and through her website: