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The following table is an overview of different iron–nickel alloys. Naturally occurring alloys are a type of mineral and called native elements or native metals. Some of the entries have more than one crystal structure (e.g. meteoric iron is a mixture of two crystal structures).

Name Description Chemical formula/Weight percent Ni
Antitaenite A native metal found in meteorites. Fe3Ni
Austenite A special allotrope of steel that is stabilized with nickel.
Awaruite A native metal found in serpentinites and meteorites. Ni2Fe to Ni3Fe
Earth's core Earth's core is composed of an iron–nickel alloy. about 5.5 %
Elinvar A steel which's elasticity doesn't change with temperature. 36% (also 5% chromium)
Invar A steel with very low thermal expansion. 36%
Iron meteorite Iron meteorites are mostly composed of meteoric iron 5-30 %
Kamacite A native metal found in meteoric iron Fe0.9Ni0.1
Maraging steel A strong, malleable variant of steel 15 to 25%
Meteoric iron A combination of mostly kamacite and taenite and minor amounts of tetrataenite, antitaenite and awaruite. 5-30 %
Mu-metal A metal with high magnetic permeability. 77%
Planetary core Planets, Moons and Planetesimals also can have cores made of an iron–nickel alloy. Various
Taenite A native metal found in meteorites NiFe
Telluric iron A native metal found on earth (not extraterrestrial) Fe (but 0.05 to 4% nickel)
Tetrataenite A native metal found in meteorites. FeNi

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