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In March 2012 the NH90 had been ordered by Germany (122), Italy (116), Australia (46), Spain (45), France (95), Finland (20), Greece (20), the Netherlands (20), Oman (20), Sweden (18), Norway (14), Portugal (10), New Zealand (9), Belgium (8). Portugal have since cancelled their order.

  • Australian Army: 40 MRH-90 'Cobra' (TTH)
  • Royal Australian Navy: 6 MRH-90 to be operated by 808 Squadron RAN

15 delivered as of the end of 2011 with the remainder to be delivered until 2015

  • Belgian Air Component: ordered 4 NFH + 4 TTH (2 TTH options) (delivery delayed to 2012)
  • Finnish Army: 20 TTH (SAR)

Final Assembly by Eurocopter France The NH90s in service in the French Armed Forces (both NFH and TTH versions) will be named "Caïman".

  • French Army: 34 TTH 'Caïman' ] (+34 planned to order in 2012; up to 133 to be ordered)
  • French Navy: 27 NFH 'Caïman Marine' ]

Final Assembly by Eurocopter Germany

  • German Army: 80 TTH

Final Assembly by Eurocopter France

  • Hellenic Army: (Total 20 ordered) 16 TTH, 4 TTH (Special Operations) + 14 TTH (in option)

Final Assembly by AgustaWestland

  • Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare): 1 TTH/CSAR (in option)
  • Italian Army: 60 TTH
  • Italian Navy (Marina Militare): 46 NFH, 10 TTH (with some NFH features such as Automatic Folding Blades)

Final Assembly by AgustaWestland

  • Royal Netherlands Navy: 12 NFH
  • Royal Netherlands Air Force: 8 NFH (NFH adapted for transport tasks)

Both types are part of the Defence Helicopter Command (Defensie Helikopter Commando)

New Zealand

Final Assembly by Eurocopter France

  • Royal New Zealand Air Force: 8 TTH 'Warrior' + one as a spare.

Final Assembly by AgustaWestland

  • Royal Norwegian Air Force, 334 Sqn: 6 NFH (ASW) operating from the Fridtjof Nansen class frigates of the Royal Norwegian Navy
  • Royal Norwegian Air Force, 337 Sqn: 8 NFH (Coast Guard) replacing the Westland Lynx Mk. 86

Final Assembly by Eurocopter France

  • Royal Air Force of Oman: 20 TTH models with an enhanced power plant ordered for tactical transport operations and search & rescue operations. Ten were delivered by 2012.

Final Assembly by AgustaWestland

  • Portuguese Army: 10 TTH. In June 2012, the Portuguese Government decided to cancel the order.
  • 45 TTH on order
  • Swedish Air Force: 13 High Cabin Version, 5 High Cabin Version (ASW)

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